Our current projects list allows customers and prospective clients to see what we are working on at this time, and get the details surrounding each specific job.

Project Name Company Location Job Scope Project accomplished  
14 ea. S61N,T,L Carson Helicopters Inc. Pennsylvania Structural repairs and modifications Past 3 years  
3 ea. S61N AAR Airlift Niger, Africa  CHI Hoist STC Installation, and Cargo Hook 1 Year Ago, and Jan 2016 coming soon   
3 ea. S61N AAR Airlift Uganda, Africa  HTAWS, TTLS, AHRS, SATCOM, HF Radio, and more   Summer 2015   
2 ea. S61N  AAR Airlift  Melbourne, Fl  CDI, AHRS, HTAWS, TTLS, HF Radio, TCAS, and more Oct and Nov 2015